There are many children who need your support. It is not easy for us to carry out the show/cause/programs as the project is growing; we are determined to meet every challenge that comes in our way. For us, it is still a beginning as we know that we have a long way to go. You can be a part of this noble cause. You can change the course of a child’s life or a family by making a donation. No donation is too small. The one time money you spend in a coffee shop will help a little child to get free education for a month or the money you spend on a dinner in a good restaurant will help more than 10 little children to get free education or will support a family for a month with free monthly ration or many other thing. It really doesn’t cost a lot to be a sponsor. Be a helping hand and experience the JOY OF GIVING.

You can make a donation by cheque or NEFT or RTGES or Western Transfer if you are in India.

  • For NEFT/RTGES – please find below our bank details

Corporation Bank

All our supporters outside India may kindly opt for Western Union or Wire Transfer / TT.   Please write to us for more details in this case.