Carmel Child Care Development is committed to:

  • Serve primarily the minority community
  • regularly visit the families in slums and encourage them to admit their children to school especially girl children
  • provide students free education along with free books, uniforms etc
  • take care of their health by providing quality mid-day meal
  • organize picnic, competitions, exhibitions, annual day, sports day like any other schools so that they feel equal to other school going children
  • provide meaningful education through National Institute of Open School (NIOS)/Directorate Of Education (DOE)
  • organize medical camps for our children and their families
  • conduct vocational courses like Tailoring, Beautician and computer courses as part of curriculum. These courses are available for other kids in the community too.

Carmel Community School

Carmel Community School in Sangam Vihar started in a very modest way in 2005. Today CCS is accredited by DOE with 475 children enrolled till 8th Grade. The school is run on no profit and no loss basis.

Mid Day meal

About 23 million children in India, up to 6 years of age, are suffering from malnourishment and are under-weight and Delhi itself has a shockingly high over 35%  as per the report published in one of the leading news paper, The Times of India on Aug 4, 2014. At Carmel, every child is special and we take care of their health by providing them nutritious and delicious mid-day meal on daily basis.

Compassion program

Our volunteers visit slums and identify families who are in extreme need. Most of the support goes to those families who have no earning members in their families. Carmel supports them with free monthly ration, covering all house hold items for a period of six months and by this time, we make them self dependent by getting a job or training / helping them to start a small business

During the chilling winter, we help hundreds of poor children and families by distributing free blankets and quilts. They are those who are left to their fate with no one to take care of them

Thousands and thousands children who are deprived of their right to childhood spends their life toiling for their survival on a day to day basis. At Carmel, we spend quality time with these children and express our love by distributing free gifts to them. It is our endeavor to see these children as part of our Child Development Program in the coming days

It is important for everyone to visit the slums and monitor to see the lives of people living there.  The health issues are also one of the primary concerns here.  People here go to nearby government hospitals only when somebody is very serious or in a situation when it goes beyond their tolerance power as most of these people are daily wagers, rickshaw pullers – standing in long queues in government hospitals and spending days after days for treatment are unaffordable for them as they go without any income for those days.  We contribute in a small way by organizing Health and Medical camps twice in a year covering most of the slums.  During these health and medical camps, our Doctors identify many serious cases and refer to them to the nearby hospitals for further treatments.   At Carmel, we have fund constraints but make every effort to support most of such cases by the best way we can.

To spread awareness on cleanliness and several health related issues, we organize regular Awareness camps and Rallies.   Through these camps and rallies; we teach people of all section on different issues like – keeping the surrounding Hygienic, cleanliness, HIV/AIDs, Green earth, our environment etc.   We are happy to see the encouraging results which propel us to do more and more in this area.

Women Empowerment

Counseling is an on-going activity in Carmel for those marginalized women who are grappled with depression and suicidal tendencies.  Extreme poverty is one of the main reasons that lead them to compromise on their situations.  They easily falls prey in the hands of human traffickers.  With regular counseling, we try to change their thinking, instill positive energy and stand with them to help overcome from the state of depression and fear.

At Carmel, we conduct regular gatherings for these marginalized women.  This way we ensure them that we are standing with them all the time, 24 x 7, to take out the fear of loneliness, rejection and depression

In our skill development program, we make them self dependent. Our job oriented courses help them to go out and work and support their family. Today, we are happy to see many of them settled and living a happy and peaceful life. Our drive is on as there are many still looking at us and for us, it is still a beginning.

Sponsorship program

Carmel supports many of their children for higher studies and encourage them to join professional diploma/degree courses like fashion designing, Teaching, engineering and other job oriented courses

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