Rakesh has toiled hard to be a topper in his class despite the obstacles he has faced. His family hails from the slums in Southern Delhi. His father was not in a financial condition to support Rakesh’s education and found it extreme difficult to make the ends meet. Rakesh is a true victor in many aspects of life. Despite the obstacles, Rakesh has paved a way for himself while being grateful to those who have given him constant support. He aspires to become an engineer and today he is pursuing his dreams through Delhi Institute of Technology. His lively character is truly a sign of his achievements. We wish him more success in the future.

Jyothi is just another girl from a slum in New Delhi. When she was studying in the 7th standard, her parents fell ill and due to that she had to discontinue her studies to take care of her younger siblings. But CCT kindled a hope into her unfortunate situation by proving her with quality education. Today she has completed her masters and found a good husband in an educated man. And they have moved out of the slums and living a respectful life…….

Geeta mother of Pooja, from Okhla says, I belong to a very poor family and have never ever thought that I would be seeing my daughter going to School. Today, in a time, when nobody cares for anyone, Carmel School has come forward to help many poor children.  We need a thousand such schools so that every child gets education.  We are from a neglected group and in your school, when you invite us to discuss about the education of our children, women like me get dignity.  I feel elevated.  This is a new feeling in me.

Neha a teacher now with us says, I come from a poor dalit family and my father is an alcoholic. He works part time and is a lone bread earner in the family. My mother is sick and bedridden. I have never even dreamt of going to a school. Carmel School has not only helped me to complete my grade XII with excellent marks but also got admitted for higher studies. Today, I work with Carmel School as Teacher and could also complete my graduation. I will continue to work for Carmel as they are helping several children like me and I wanted to be a part of this noble cause. I am happily married and have a son.

Bhoomi  is a teacher now with Carmel, had a harrowing past. Her father is mentally ill and left the family one fine day only to not return. Her mother passed away a few years ago and left Bhoomi and her siblings orphan at the mercy of God. None of her relatives accepted them or came to their rescue when the land-lord of her house asked her to vacate the house. That was the time, Carmel came to our rescue, says Bhoomi. I have not only completed my grade XII with their help but also I was given an opportunity to work with them as Teacher. They also got admission for my further studies and my job with Carmel helps me to take care of my younger sister who is now in XII grade.

Mala , a 7th grade who comes from Govindpuri says, previously I was unable to read and write properly. English was very hard for me, but now after coming to Carmel School, I am getting an average of 99% marks in my exams.

In the year 2013, one of our sponsored child, Rakesh Kumar , could score 93% marks in his XII grade exams. Rakesh lives in a small one room house in a slum.
Rakesh says, I thank Carmel School from the core of my heart for taking care of me, a slum boy who had once no future and living a life of no hope. Had they not been there in my life, today I would have been working somewhere as a helper or doing some petty jobs for our survival. It is their love and support, I am in 2nd year of my Engineering from Delhi Institute of Technology. I am secured and have a future now.

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