Rahul Graduated from Carmel Child Development Center in 2011 testifies that he is proud to be called the alumnus of Carmel Child Development Center. He joined this institution at the age of 12. Despite all odds & challenges in life, he discovered his life’s purpose in CCDC. Not only CCDC  helped him in his education but also shaped  and developed him to achieve his life’s goal. The values he learnt here have inspired him in every stage of his life to move forward. In the year 2016 he Graduated from Delhi College of Engineering and worked as a software engineer at Samsung for three years. Presently he is pursuing his Masters degree from Arizona State and with immense pride gives all the credits to Carmel Child Development Center for his upliftment.


Neha  Graduate of 2017 from Carmel Child Development Center testifies that the values, ethics, education and the atmosphere of her school shaped and inspired her to dream big and to build lives. Today she holds a Bachelor’s degree, also a diploma in elementary education and beside this she has completed her CTET program from a prestigious Amity University. Presently she works as a teacher and is very grateful as she was able to achieve what she is today due to continuous help and support even after graduating from Carmel Child Development Center.


Bhoomi who is a teacher now with Carmel, had a harrowing past. Her father is mentally ill and left the family one fine day only to not return. Her mother passed away a few years ago and left Bhoomi and her siblings orphan at the mercy of God. None of her relatives accepted them or came to their rescue when the land-lord of her house asked her to vacate the house. That was the time, Carmel came to our rescue, says Bhoomi. I have not only completed my grade XII with their help but also I was given an opportunity to work with them as Teacher. They also got admission for my further studies and my job with Carmel helps me to take care of my younger sister who is now in XIIth grade.


Rakesh Graduated in 2012 from Carmel Child Development Center. He had many challenges and life was too tough for him. There wasn’t any hope for him to come up in life but one day he was introduced to CCDC , which was like a ray of light in his darkness. With the help of Education provided to him from the center he was able to complete his studies and found a new direction in life. Today he serves as a Media manager  in an IT firm. For this achievement, he is very thankful to Carmel Child Development Center and his teachers.


Geeta  6th grade from Okhla says, I belong to a very poor family and have never ever thought that I would be seeing my daughter going to School. Today, in a time, when nobody cares for anyone, Carmel School has come forward to help many poor children.  We need a thousand such schools so that every child gets education.  We are from a neglected group and in your school, when you invite us to discuss about the education of our children, women like me get dignity.  I feel elevated.  This is a new feeling in me


Mala  A graduate of 2016 from Carmel Child Development Center. There were many challenges in her life  but coming to center everyday and the education provided was like a ray of hope for her.  She is very grateful to her sponsor. When nobody cared for her education in her family, Carmel Center came forward to help many poor children. We need a thousand such schools so that every child gets education.Today she is pursuing Bachelors in Dental Science from Ranchi. She testifies, without the help from One Child and Carmel Child Development Center she wouldn’t have accomplished her life’s aim.

Carmel distributed a total of 2654 ration kits which contained  an ample number of food items to Carmel children and their families amidst covid-19  and also were  provided with a total of 3,64,320 meals to them through community kitchen.

The month of October has been a splendid month with various activities that took place in all Centers where Carmelites celebrated Gandhi Jayanti, World Smile Day and International Day of Girl Child.

A special event was celebrated with the children in all our centers. It was a jolly time where numerous fun programs were held along with gifts and snacks provided to the children.
We celebrated our 15th Graduation ceremony this year with our 80 graduates, Chairperson, Principal, Teachers and Staff members on the 5th of December. It was an admirable moment and overwhelming victory for all the graduates.

We celebrated 73rd Republic Day with our Children, where ample number of events were held.

During these month January to June, We have reached out to 1,21,875 Carmel children to provide Mid Day Meals to them. we were able to provide 340 Dry Provision Kits to children and the people in need. Multivitamins, Bournvita were distributed to all the center children.

In the Month of May SUMMER FEST was held through Zoom where more than 3,500 children participated and the theme was “BE COURAGEOUS” . A hamper which included 3,500 snack kits ( a juice bottle, muffin, potato chips and biscuit ) for each day, 3500 craft materials were provided to the children. Children enjoyed, learned, connected and took part in different activities like games, craft, storytelling and many more through Summer Fest.

All other activities like English Classes (Via zoom), Hygiene Kit and Stationary items distribution and oxygen concentrators for community purpose are carrying on.


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